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Founder Gina Lamanna is a fashion stylist, entrepreneur, mom of two girls and a breast cancer survivor. Her personal story of self-detection at age 41 by fondling her own breasts (following two false-negative mammograms and a misdiagnosis) inspired her to create The Fondle Project. 

Lamanna’s journey with breast cancer drove her to use her passion for fashion to make a difference in the lives of other women. She believes that fashion can play a vital role in the healing process of breast cancer survivors, and that by embracing and celebrating their bodies, survivors can regain their confidence, femininity, and sexuality.

Gina aims to raise awareness around early detection through regular self-exams and self-advocacy, and to empower younger women to truly be in touch with their bodies and health. Lamanna has gathered a community of women who are thriving and living full and vibrant lives, women who are not allowing their cancer to define them. Gina knows that cancer doesn’t discriminate and that it changes you forever, but it is only a chapter and that the rest of your story is still yours.